New York Hardcore Mudd Run, 2014

Saturday, June 7th
7:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Swain Resort
2275 Main St
Swain, NY 14884

This is an HMR Sprint Event which is a 5+ mile course with 10 to 15 obstacles.

Come out and find out what your made of at the Swain HARDCORE Mudd Run and help raise money for Children's Miracle Network.

Beer, Food, fun and o- yeah MUD!

This isn't a RACE, this isn't a CONTEST, This isn't a COMPETITION,



Opening Three Week Special
December 8 to March 7
March 8 to May 7
May 8 to June 3
Day of Event

* Public Safety personnel (Military, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals) with a valid ID only pays $55 for registration at anytime.

* Spectator registration $10 online or $20 at Event.

* Online registration closes 4 days before event.

* Promo Codes are valid for online registrations only.

* T-shirts are only guaranteed to pre-registered participants.

Fee Includes:

Course Map

Swain Course Map

Event Rules

  • All participants MUST be 18 years of age or older on event day.
  • All participants MUST have Photo ID to check-in.
  • All participants and spectators MUST sign a suicide letter before entering the course.
  • All participants MUST attempt an obstacle; any participant that does not attempt an obstacle, avoids an obstacle or is witnessed cutting through the course is disqualified and will have his or her bib number removed but, may still continue through the course.
  • All participants MUST have a bib number at finish line for a Hardcore Mudd Run shirt.
  • Any participants MUST have a special wrist band to consume alcohol at the finish line area. Alcohol wrist bands can be obtained at check-in. Legal proof of age is required.
  • All teams MUST finish together. They will leave no man or women behind.
  • Once a participant leaves the finish line area they may not enter again.
  • Spectators may not attempt any obstacle at any time.
  • All event registrations and spectator tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Teams must finish together. They will leave no man or women behind.

Event Awards

  • Best Birthday Suit:  For the most skin shown allowed by law.
  • Brotherhood Award:  For the Male that shows the best teamwork and brotherhood on the course.
  • Sisterhood Award:  For the female that shows the best teamwork and sisterhood on the course.
  • Most Adversity Overcome:  For the person that has overcome the most to participate in the event.
  • Furthest Distance Traveled:  For the person that traveled the greatest distance to participate.
  • Largest Team Completed:  For the largest team where all members complete the course.
  • Best Original Costume:  For the person with the best original costume that completes the course.

Event Day Prep

To expedite the check-in process on event day, please print and sign the appropriate suicide waiver.

Also be sure to check out our Event Day Checklist and FAQs.

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