Hardcore Mudd Run is one of the top-rated endurance events in the United States.

Adapt. Endure. Inspire.


Created by a team of veteran first responders, each Hardcore Mudd Run is a fun, challenging and safe event designed to push you to your limits.  Our courses use the environment, the elements, adrenaline-packed obstacles and real world firefighter training simulations to challenge you at every turn.

Our motto is Adapt, Endure, Inspire, Conquer and we believe that a mud run should be an adventure, a test of mental and physical strength and perseverance.  A Hardcore Mudd Run isn’t about competing with the person next to you, it’s about competing with yourself to overcome fear and doubt, and reach beyond your capabilities.

Are you looking for a new challenge?  Only you can decide to go big or go home.   If you believe anything is possible, you can attain it – let’s get muddy!

This is


The greatest challenges in our lives will knock us down.  They will beat us up.  They will cause us to question our strengths and how much we can endure.  But when we adapt to the occasion with determination and perseverance, we not only conquer those challenges, but we inspire others to do the same.

Hardcore Mudd Run will challenge you. It will force you to bring out your inner warrior.  The side of you that persists.  The side that pushes through the boundaries and the limitations of what you believe you can accomplish.  This encounter will drive you to reach for new heights.  You will discover levels of resolve you never knew you had and you will build character.  You will leave a legacy… an example for others to follow.

This is HARDCORE!!  This is LIFE !!

The Hardcore Mission

Our mission is to make a fun, challenging event to push one’s physical and mental abilities to the breaking point and beyond.  Our core principles include:

  • Camaraderie
  • Mental Stamina
  • Skill Building
  • Social Interaction
  • Physical Fitness
  • and to be HARDCORE!

A 6.2 mile course that features up to 20 obstacles.


A  3.1 mile no-frills course that features between 5 to 10 intense obstacles.


Had a blast!!!
Great course, I have to admit very challenging but what a thrill.

- Jim Lougee

It was awesome!  Definitely a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

- Dan

It lives up to the name HARDCORE, so bring your A game, be ready to be challenged and have some fun getting muddy.

- Kristen

Very challenging terrain and obstacles that required teamwork. Thank you! Our family is already excited and looking forward to next year.

- Kim

Challenging, fun, thrilling, empowering! It was such an incredible experience!

- Brooke

This company really cares about their racers…they’re not just about the “commercial” side of things. The staff and volunteers were great. A+ Hardcore Mudd Run!

- Jim

Hardcore Mud Run was an awesome event with awesome people having an awesome time.

- Emily

We had a great time! Nice course, fun obstacles, and the pep talk in the beginning was unique! Pizza at the end was a great touch, we needed it!

- Travis

Was the best run I have ever done, was challenging but me and my team loved it can’t wait to do another one!!


Hardcore Mudd Run voted #2 best mud run of 2012 by participants.

- Anatoly Polyakov

Nothing like rocking the course with a ruckful of 22 lbs worth of liquid bricks. Great challenge, tough people, amazing teamwork

- Connie Faircloth Strayer

Toughest event I ever did. Loved it. Great event…challenged me more than I knew possible.

- Lucas Rankin

Great event! I have done 7 Mudd Runs to include the World’s Toughest Mudder and I would rank this #3 out of the 7. The walls were outstanding! The hills were a great suck factor, I’m glad you used the sandbags to add the suck factor.

- Mindi Fried
The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide USA

The course was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. I loved that it wasn’t timed, but was a challenging event. There was much emphasis on teamwork and pushing yourself past your limits.

- Amy Zarazinski

This was legit the hardest Mud Run I’ve done to date. I’m proud to say I earned my dog tags!!

- Todd Judd
Team Nah Mean

Great Job HMR! Great time, very challenging, the sand bags sucked and I am still sore! I am ready to do it again next year!

- Justin Melanson

Do they make a Hardcore Mudd Run morning after pill? Cause I think my legs just fell off.

- Albert Ferraro

Definitely a fun and pretty challenging time. Looking forward to next year.


Register before March 2, 2020 and save $20 on individual registrations and $30 on team registrations.