This is a challenge, an event, a right of passage to become Hardcore!

Most Prestigious

HMR Honor & Valor Award

This is the most prestigious award  that HMR grants during our regular events. The award is given to the man or woman that embodies the ideals of the Hardcore Mudd Run Brotherhood.  Our Motto, “Adapt, Endure, Inspire, Conquer” is not just a saying, it’s a way of life for us.  When we see these core values represented on our courses, you get our attention.

We’re looking for the individual who will:

  • ADAPT and change their strategy to get through the course.
  • ENDURE by not taking shortcuts and giving their last ounce of strength to succeed.
  • INSPIRE and encourage others along the way.
  • OVERCOME the challenges of the course and elements

You are the individual we want to acknowledge.  Wear it proudly, you earned it.

Spirit of Camaraderie

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award

This award is given to the man or woman that exemplifies the spirit of true camaraderie during the event. A person that thinks more of others than themselves will be honored with this medal.


Most Adversity Overcome

This award will be given to the person able to overcome difficulties and still persevere to the end. We will be looking for people that overcome limitations, fears and the unexpected to finish the course.

Teamwork Required

Largest Team Completed

This award will be given to the Captain of the largest team completing the course. All members must be registered to that team. All members must complete the course. It is one thing to get people to come and run. It is another to motivate each person to give their best, to never quit, and finish the task.

Never Give Up

HMR Heart

This award is given to the one that keeps moving forward in spite of injury. This could be for completing the course while hurt or having a great attitude when you are hurt.


Register before March 2, 2020 and save $20 on individual registrations and $30 on team registrations.