Raise money for your nonprofit through the Hardcore Mudd Run Affiliate Program.

How does it work?
HMR will give a promotion code to each group that signs up. The code will be exclusive to that group. The group can use that code to promote the event as much as they want, any way (legally) that they want. Every participant that signs up with that promo code is credited to the group. After the event, the group will receive a check for 5% of the registrations using their code.

If a registration costs $100, one registration will net the group $5. If one hundred people register, the group receives $500 and so on. Your group must secure at least 50 registrations before money is paid out to your organization.
Who can participate?
Any group: OCR organization, running organization, running group, charity, company, or gym, you name it. Any group that participates can receive a benefit from this program.
Are there any restrictions?
Yes, you can't do anything illegal to promote the event. You are not a member of the HMR Company so you cannot make promises or deals in our name. If you promise someone a special deal, you will be responsible to make good on that deal. Please note, unless you are a non-profit organization, affiliate earnings are considered income and are taxable.

A new way to


The Hardcore Mudd Run Affiliate Program is a new way for groups to raise money for their organization. Nonprofits, gyms and charities across the county can earn money by simply spreading the word and promoting our local Hardcore Mudd Run event.

Signup below to become an HMR Affiliate.  If you have a question or need additional information please contact us at

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Register before March 2, 2020 and save $20 on individual registrations and $30 on team registrations.