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Time for a Change
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Time for a Change

My wife and I started our journey from coach to Hardcore in march of 2012. We decided it was time for a change from being fat and lazy. We found Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, a 30 minute a day, 6 day a week 90-day HIIT program and diet plan. I lost 93 pounds and Kim 50 pounds in 4-5 months. We have since repeated this program 5 times with a few other of J.M.’s programs mixed in and P90X once. We also in the beginning started walking then interval running and then even more running.

In July we ran the Color Me Rad 5k and surprised ourselves on how well we did. In October we ran The Warrior Dash Obstacle 5K and had a blast.  Without trying we each finished in the top 20% surprising ourselves. We had planned on doing The Warrior Dash again in 2013 and actually go for time, but we waited to book too long and the early heats were all filled up so we searched for other challenges. This is when we saw The Hardcore Mudd Run Pain Camp close by and The Hardcore Mudd Run at Jiminey Peak, Massachusetts. I figured what the hell and signed us both up for both of them.

Pain Camp

We were not prepared for Pain Camp and it may have been the hardest thing we have ever done. That said, we finished and it did exactly what it is meant to do, it empowered us. People ask if it was fun. I always say, “I wish I could say it was fun but it was not, it was a life changing event.  It showed us we were stronger than we ever thought possible and that no matter how much our head tells us we can’t our bodies can keep going.” We walked away with a new-found confidence and a willingness and thirst to test ourselves even more. I highly recommend everyone to do the Hardcore Mudd Run Pain Camp if it comes to a city near you.

All summer we pushed our running both with speed and distance and ran our first 10k and did even better than we thought we could. Then in September it was time For the Hardcore Mudd Run at Jiminey Peak in MA. Having done Pain Camp, we got to know a couple of the organizers and met up with Rich Friday night before and looking at the mountain with him I was getting nervous. By morning the nerves faded and excitement set in.

Up and Over

We were in the first heat. The night before we prehydrated, carbo and protein loaded and in the morning, we hydrated and protein loaded as well. It was time to go 9am, 8 miles up and down the mountain 4.5 times. The horn sounds and we were all off, some ran, we jogged and surprisingly we both got a little winded early a little bit scary considering how early it was.

Soon everyone was walking or jogging and the entire first heat was together again as we went through the first few obstacles. Then we came to Up and Over, everyone worked together to get people over, it was great seeing everyone doing what HMR is about, teamwork to overcome and I was appreciative since Kim and I were a team of two and the walls would have been a problem.

Into the Woods

Now we start the steep climb through the woods and we notice a man stopped, we passed him and then looked back and he was sitting down not looking good. We both went back and tried to help him. He was already dehydrated, the first water station was at the top of the mountain, so Kim stayed with him and I took off running thinking we were almost to the top. I was wrong we were only at the halfway point. I made it to the top got a cup of water (yes open cup, not a bottle) and started running down the mountain at this point the entire first heat was passing me as they came up and I went down.

I met up with Kim and we got this man hydrated. We told him we would run with him if he wanted to continue. He did, we introduced ourselves and up the mountain we went as a team of three. Brian was his name. we learned that he did not prehydrate or eat properly so at the first water/food station he drank more water and ½ a banana and we continued. We pushed forward and passed the majority of the first heat when they got lost in the woods and we did not. We were not running or jogging just walking.

Mission Impossible

Up and down the mountain we went Brian wanted to quit a few times but we would not let him, we kept encouraging him. We rested when we needed and Brian carried an open cup of water as long as he could putting it down at obstacles and picking it up when we completed them. We kept pushing ourselves and him. Honestly it was a great help for us to have picked up another teammate because when we reached Mission Impossible, Kim and I would not have been able to complete it on our own.

We would have had to have me not complete it or wait for someone who would help me get over (Kim’s 5-foot-tall body was not enough to help me over). We kept pushing on, completing every obstacle, Brian even overcame his claustrophobia by doing the Long Crawl.

The Finish Line

When we reached the point where we knew we were close to the finish we decided to finish strong and run the last ½ mile or so. What a wonderful experience, we overcame fears, beat every obstacle by working as a team, met great people gave help when needed and got help from others and inherited a great teammate who helped us as much as we helped him.

After finishing we got a little food, rode the chair lift to the top to encourage people still on the course and made sure we stayed at the finish line until the last team had crossed the finish line.

I have to say this was another inspirational event in our lives just as Pain Camp was earlier in the year. We were told Kim was the second woman to finish and we were in the first 15-20 people to cross the line. I know this was not a race and never treated it as such but hearing how well we did gives us the encouragement we need to stay fit and keep challenging ourselves. We had so much fun we are running the Hardcore Mudd Run in PA just 3 weeks after Jiminey Peak. Our story will continue I plan on doing Hardcore Mudd Run Last Man Standing in 2014 and we both hope to be instructors at Pain Camp in 2014 as well.

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